AI-Humans the AI Authoring Tool

corporate soft skills training

Ever imagined sitting face-to-face with a virtual human and indulging in an absolutely organic conversation? There are no prompts, no scripts, not pre-programmed chatbots. Just plain and simple interaction. Yes, this is the AI-Humans platform, the AI authoring tool that allows users to interact with virtual characters on a one-to-one basis. You ask a question and you get an answer, it is as simple as that. While the subject of conversation can be anything, AI-Humans works as an excellent platform to create AI-powered immersive scenarios for soft skills training. . . within minutes.  


What is AI-Humans  

AI-Humans is an advanced artificial intelligence-driven platform that empowers virtual humans to engage in seamless, lifelike conversations. Powered by cutting-edge technologies such as large language model (LLM), natural language processing, machine learning, deep data analysis, and speech recognition, these virtual humans exhibit unparalleled intelligence and accuracy. Leveraging the integration of our LLM, which employs neural networks and deep learning, the platform generates flawless responses from virtual humans.  


Purpose of the AI-Humans AI Authoring Tool 

AI-Humans is set to revolutionize the way instructional designers, learning and development professionals, and individuals in the training domain create immersive learning experiences. The platform is designed to help solve the problem of time-consuming content development cycles. Time is of essential value and in the fast-paced training industry AI-Humans enables users to effortlessly create AI-powered virtual scenarios with realistic virtual humans.  

Each training session contain a realistic virtual character set in a close-to-reality environment. The user interacts with the character in order to practice and refine their skill sets. At the end of each session, the user is presented with a real-time assessment that gives a detailed account of the user’s performance.  


Creating learning with AI authoring tool

Features of AI-Humans’ AI-based elearning 

AI-Humans is packed with a host of features that will change the way training is conducted in a range of industries. It could be a large corporate house or a small coffee shop around the corner.   

– Create cases in 10 minutes – How quickly can you create AI-powered immersive training? With AI-Humans this can be done in 10 minutes. All you need to do is enter the case details in to the system and publish it. In 10 minutes time you can access the training on a web browser or a VR/MR headset, depending upon the medium you have chosen for publishing.  

– No technical knowledge required – When we say that learning and development professionals and instructional designers can create these scenarios we mean literally that. Creating AI-based elearning with the AI-Humans platform does not require any coding or technical knowledge. If you know how to operate a computer, you can create immersive soft skill training experiences within minutes.   

– Publish for VR, MR, Web – All trainings created on the AI-Humans platform can be published to be accessed on a web browser or in a VR/MR headset. Making them compatible with multiple modes of learning ensures that the training is available for a varied group of learners. Depending upon your learner’s requirement, you can create and publish these courses to be accessed on the desired medium.  

– Large bank of virtual humans – The AI-Humans platform is home to a wide and diverse ‘population’ of virtual characters. You can select the character of your choice and create your course with them.   

– Wide range of virtual scenarios – Just as there are large number of characters, similarly there are numerous environments to select from. Not all training take place in the same place or scenario. Environments vary from industry to industry and organization to organization. You can select the one that best suits your purpose.   

– Customizable characters and environments – If you do not find the character and environment of your choice, you can always get it customized. AI-Humans offers customizations services of characters and environment. All you need to do is define your preferences and requirements and you will get assets of your choice.  

– Customizable assessment rubrics – Tests and assessments after training sessions help solidify learning. They offer better knowledge retention and applicability in the real world. The assessment rubrics on the AI-Humans platform are completely customizable. Rubrics can be defined depending upon the skills being tested.  

– AI-powered debriefing – Every training session is followed by a session-end debriefing. Trainers define the assessment rubrics and based on these the system generates a ‘report’. This debriefing is AI-powered and gives a detailed analysis of the user’s performance.   

– Conversation logs can be reviewed – As a trainer or lesson co-ordinator, it is important for you to know how your learners are faring. AI-Humans is capable of generating conversation logs for every session. With admin rights to the logs, you can see how each learner is performing. This will also give you an idea of shortcomings, if any, in the scenario which you can edit and update.  

– Upload on any LMS – Trainings within organizations are conducted through the LMS. AI-Humans has been designed to make it suitable for every LMS within organizations. Once your courses are ready they can be uploaded to your LMS facilitating smooth and efficient learning.   

– Training for all industries – You name the industry and AI-Humans can be used to create immersive training scenarios for that specific industry. Soft skills are required in all areas of work and this makes it important to be adept at them. Using the AI-Humans platform, learning and development professionals and instructional designers can create these trainings for their organization and help employees perform better.  


From the house of ELDC comes a ground-breaking product that is going to revolutionize the way learning content can be created and consumed. While learning and development professionals will be able to create and offer effective learning solutions, learners will be able to learn in immersive and engaging learning environments.