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About the Case

Marc Morrison is a regular guest at the Panama. Every time he is in Boston, he makes it a point to stay at your hotel as he likes the warm and welcoming atmosphere here. Plus, he is always praises for the hotel’s services.

As the professional at the front desk your task is to conduct the hassle-free check-in process for the guest, assure him of impeccable services, and express happiness on welcoming him to your hotel, again.

Learning Objectives:
  • Address the guest with warmth and familiarity 
  • Find common ground and establish trust 
  • Express gratitude for the guest’s continued patronage 
  • Display attentive listening and observation, anticipate the guest’s needs and preferences 
  • Maintain a professional demeanor, convey warmth and friendliness
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Skills Assessed
  • Express Gratitude 
  • Anticipating Needs 
  • Professionalism and Warmth
  • Demonstrate Recognition  
  • Offer Personalization 

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