AI Humans

soft skills training for employees

Communication lies at the core of every relationship, whether personal or professional. In the professional world, effective communication can be the key to securing deals or losing them. How do you ace that crucial job interview? Once you’re hired, how do you carve out your niche within an established workforce? How do you persuade colleagues to embrace your ideas? How do you lead your team effectively to achieve results? These are just a few scenarios highlighting the importance of communication. Being skilled at delivering messages and eliciting the desired feedback is an art. History is replete with examples of eloquent speakers who have influenced the course of events with their exceptional communication skills. Their choice of words, delivery style, and body language worked in unison, making them compelling orators. If you are aiming to develop such skills, AI Humans is the place that can help you train yourself in exceptional communication skills. 


Can Communication Skills Be Learned with AI Virtual Human 

In our daily work environment, delivering grand speeches to inspire crowds isn’t the goal. Instead, the aim is to be clearly understood. How can one ensure this? Through effective communication skills. Do we all have these skills? To some degree, yes. We all know how to communicate, but not everyone is equally effective. Some of us need practice to improve, and yes, this skill can be developed with training and consistent practice. 


AI Humans – Developing Skills with a Virtual Human 

Practicing communication skills can be challenging as it’s not always easy to recreate real-life situations. This used to be the case until recently. Now, with advancements in virtual reality and AI-powered virtual humans, it’s possible to simulate any scenario. The AI Humans platform from ELDC is poised to transform the development of soft-skills training materials and the learning process. AI Humans empowers trainers to create realistic scenarios for practice purposes quickly, making the creation of AI-enabled training materials simpler than ever. 


AI Humans includes features that facilitate the creation of meaningful and effective training scenarios easily and efficiently. 


– Web-based Authoring Tool: Professionals typically use specialized software and tools to create high-quality training scenarios. However, the absence of these tools doesn’t mean effective solutions can’t be created. AI Humans provides a web-based authoring tool accessible to anyone. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a browser—two very basic requirements. Moreover, being web-based means it doesn’t burden the local device’s memory. 

AI Human helping train in conversational skills

– Customized Characters for Any Industry: Communication skills encompass a broad range of social skills, and society comprises diverse characters. When practicing social skills, it’s beneficial to interact with different types of characters to understand how to respond in various situations. The AI Humans platform offers a repository of characters, enabling the creation of training solutions that expose learners to different character types tailored to various industries. 


– Trained with Massive Database: People have different thoughts, knowledge levels, and ways of responding to situations. AI Humans characters have been trained using an extensive database, making them well-versed in various subjects. Create a scenario, name a topic, and they can respond intelligently and fluently to any question posed. 


– VR, Desktop Outputs: Training requirements vary based on the situation. While some may prefer VR training programs, others might find mobile learning more suitable. The factors influencing these requirements differ, so it’s essential to have compatibility across different platforms. Scenarios developed with AI Humans can be accessed on desktops or VR headsets. Quality training should be accessible to every learner. 


The AI Humans platform offers trainers the ability to create high-quality training materials that yield effective results. Utilizing technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, deep data analysis, and speech recognition, the capabilities of AI Humans characters are unmatched. Integrating them into training solutions can enhance training experiences and deliver exceptional outcomes.