Are AI-Humans cases available off-the-shelf?

AI-Humans cases are available in an off-the-shelf format and also open for customization. It depends upon your requirements. If the off-the-shelf version solves your purpose, well and good. If not, we can always customize it for you, as per you needs.   

What are the steps to create an AI-Humans case?

Script the content, enter the details into the platform and publish the case. Once published, you can view it on a web browser, or a VR/MR headset.

How much time does it take to build a case on the AI-Humans platform?

10 minutes, that’s all it takes to create a case on the AI-Humans platform. Once you’ve got your content ready, all you’ve got to do is feed it into the system.

How does AI-Humans work?

AI-Humans is powered by cutting-edge technologies such as Large Language Mode (LLM), natural language processing, machine learning, deep data analysis, and speech recognition helping create virtual characters that exhibit unparalleled intelligence and accuracy.

What technological knowledge is required to create cases on the AI-Humans platform?

If you know how to use a computer you can create cases on the AI-Humans platform. No technical knowledge is required for it.

What is AI-Humans?

AI-Humans is a SAAS-based platform specifically designed to cater to the needs of instructional designers, learning and development professionals, and anyone in the training domain. It generates AI-powered photorealistic scenarios, allowing the creation of visually engaging and realistic environments that enhance the learning process. Whether it’s simulating workplace scenarios, customer interactions, or other real-life situations,… Continue reading What is AI-Humans?