A glimpse inside the world of AI-Humans scenarios!

Wondering what the end-product would look like? We’ve put together a few cases for you to try out and see for yourself.  

With the AI-Humans tool, you too can become a creator and give shape to AI-powered virtual training solutions. 

AI based elearning

Build, Train, and Try...


A new employee, Steve, is joining the team. It is his first day and as an HR executive you are responsible to take him through his onboarding process. Are you ready for it?

Customer Support

Helping customers with their financial decisions requires knowledge and fine communications skills. Are you prepared for the task?

Complaint Resolution

Rosy is very upset because of an overdraft fee levied to her and a declined online purchase due to unavailability of funds. Can you resolve her issue?

Veteran Assessment

A war can have unimaginable psychological effects on a soldier. Talk to John to understand what is troubling him.

PTSD Assessment

Mark had been in a car accident and is now often anxious and agitated. Try to assess his condition and see if you can diagnose his problem.

Suicidal Ideation

Thomas is scared of his thoughts. He admits to having suicidal thoughts. Can you talk to him and help diagnose his condition?

Insurance Advisor

As an insurance advisor how do you understand your client’s requirementsGet into the client’s shoes, to see things from their perspective and polish your skills. 

Abdominal Pain

David has been having abdominal discomfort for three days with fever and cramping pain in his belly. Talk to him and assess his condition.