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About the Case

Lisa Morgan is a frustrated customer who has returned to the store with a damaged dress. She bought the dress earlier in the day but found it to be damaged when she was trying it on at home. She is now at the store with a complaint and wants a fair resolution to the problem.

As the customer care executive, you need to talk to Mrs. Morgan, understand her complaint and try to resolve the issue.

Learning Objectives:
  • Attentively listen to understand customer’s compliant 
  • Express empathy towards the customer’s inconvenience 
  • Patiently handle customer’s complaints and frustration 
  • Use conflict resolution techniques to de-escalate the situation 
  • Maintain transparency regarding store policies 
workplace softskills
Skills Assessed
  • Active Listening 
  • Expressing Empathy 
  • Handling Case with Patience  
  • Adopting Conflict Resolution Measures 
  • Maintaining Policy Transparency

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Dealing with Angry Customer

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