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About the Case

As a student, you are at a crucial stage where you need to choose a career path. Interacting with a career counselor can prove to be helpful. A career counselor can be of maximum help if the student is confident of themself and prepared to explore suggested options. It would be beneficial to practice facing a career counselor interview questions in a simulated environment.  

An experienced career counselor like Rachel Carter would help practice for real-world interviews and make the most of career counseling.

Learning Objectives:
  • Pay close attention to the career counselor’s questions 
  • Display open-mindedness to suggestions and feedback 
  • Exhibit self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses 
  • Express curiosity towards exploring career paths 
  • Display confidence and maintain steady tone of voice
workplace softskills
Skills Assessed
  • Active Listening Skills 
  • Open-mindedness Approach 
  • Self-awareness 
  • Express Curiosity 
  • Display Confidence 

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