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About the Case

Jane Thompson is at the local grocery store checkout counter to complete her purchase. During the billing process the cashier informs her of the store’s loyalty program and tries listing out the benefits to her. Jane is not sure whether she should opt for it or not. 

As the cashier interacting with Jane, help Jane see the benefits of the loyalty program, answer her queries and try to get her to sign up for it.

Learning Objectives:
  • Clearly communicating benefits and details of loyalty program 
  • Highlighting value and savings of opting for the program 
  • Being well-informed of product to answer all queries 
  • Displaying friendly and patient approach to make customer feel comfortable and in control 
  • Adopting flexibility to adjust to customer responses  
Skills Assessed
  • Clear Communication 
  • Persuasiveness 
  • Product Knowledge 
  • Friendliness and patience 
  • Flexibility 

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