Create a Case

Create AI-powered Scenarios

  • Sign up for a subscription

    A subscription gives you access to the portal and all its features. You can create cases, review them, edit them and publish them.

  • Receive portal access details

    Once we receive your request, we will send you the portal access details. This will include your unique username and password (you can update this as per your preference)

  • Build your cases

    Use your login credentials to login to the portal. Create a case ID, put together your case details, select your environment and character, and upload them in the portal.

  • Publish and upload the case

    Once you are sure you have entered all the necessary details, publish the case. 

  • Upload to LMS:

    With the case ready and published you can upload it on to any LMS.

Conversation Logs

Cases created on the AI-Humans platform are for training purposes. Reviewing is an integral part of training. When learners practice their cases, a conversation log is generated. Trainers and instructors can review these logs at the back end and evaluate the performance of the learners.

These logs are also helpful in spotting shortcomings in the case.

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