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About the Case

Rachel Brown, 31, had made plans to celebrate her fifth marriage anniversary at a top Manhattan French restaurant. Despite booking a week ago, the couple arrived at the restaurant to find no record of their reservation, leaving Rachel dismayed and worried their evening may be ruined. 

As the manager, you need to look into the reservation mix-up and find a quick resolution. How you handle this situation will reflect on your restaurant’s customer relationship policies.

Learning Objectives:
  • Calmly resolving conflicts with customers 
  • Handling the matter with patience and professionalism 
  • Understanding and responding to customers’ concerns 
  • Addressing challenges promptly for customer satisfaction 
  • Ensuring clear and effective interactions with customers
Skills Assessed
  • Conflict Resolution  
  • Customer Service  
  • Empathy  
  • Problem Solving  
  • Communication

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Reservation Conflict

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