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About the Case

John Reynolds is at the bank counter to draw money; an unusually large amount. He looks a bit shifty and is not consistent with his responses and statements. 

 As the bank official attending to John Reynolds, you suspect some fraudulent intentions, but you need to confirm these before you raise an alarm. Engage in a conversation with John, interact with him and try to gauge his intentions.

Learning Objectives:
  • Listening carefully and staying alert to inconsistencies 
  • Adopting strategic questioning techniques to probe deeper 
  • Building rapport to gain confidence and trust of client 
  • Asking for identification and documentation for verification purpose 
  • Maintaining professional approach to avoid escalation of issue 
Skills Assessed
  • Displaying Alertness 
  • Strategic Questioning 
  • Building Rapport 
  • Paying Attention to Detail 
  • Maintaining Professionalism

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Identifying Fraudulent Transaction

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