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About the Case

Diana Jones holds a comprehensive health insurance policy but is unsure about the emergency service coverage. After her youngest’s recent asthma attack and hospitalization, Diana decided to enquire about this service coverage and, if required, get herself and her family covered. 

As the insurance company representative talking to Ms. Jones, attend to her queries and furnish her with all the necessary information she needs. If required, help her select the correct policy and plan to ensure coverage for her family. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Clearly communicating details of policy in easy-to-understand manner 
  • Providing detailed and accurate information of policy and coverage options 
  • Patiently allowing client to express concerns, if any 
  • Displaying thorough knowledge of policies and products  
  • Maintaining professional approach to interacting and resolving queries
Skills Assessed
  • Clear Communication  
  • Detail Orientated 
  • Patience  
  • Product Knowledge  
  • Professionalism 

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