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About the Case

James Whitfield is a 45-year-old owner of “Whitfield Printing Services,” a small local business. On reaching his office today morning, he realized that there had been a break-in, and his office had been burgled. He immediately informed the authorities following which the investigating officer arrived with his team. 

As the investigating officer handling the case, you need to question Mr. Whitfield regarding the incident and try to get as many details as possible. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Actively listen to victim’s account without interrupting  
  • Express empathetic attitude towards the victim’s losses 
  • Display patient demeanor while waiting for answers 
  • Formulate clear questions to elicit expected details 
  • Provide reassurance towards solving the case
Skills Assessed
  • Active Listening 
  • Expressing Empathy 
  • Showing Patience 
  • Clarity in Questioning 
  • Providing Reassurance 

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Investigating an Office Burglary

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